For Those Who Are Fighting Poem by Spirit Music Hope

For Those Who Are Fighting

In the depths of your spirit, a blazing inferno roars,
A tempestuous flame, yearning to explore,
Yet weariness ensnares you, a suffocating shroud,
From years entrenched in survival's merciless crowd.

You're not lazy, devoid of drive, nor ensnared in plight,
Banish such thoughts, let your spirit ignite,
For within your weary soul, lies a dormant might,
Waiting for its moment to unleash and take flight.

Survival's domain, a violent realm it seems,
Where relentless battles are fought in shattered dreams,
Every day a grueling struggle to cling and cope,
And exhaustion descends like an anchor's heavy slope.

But know this kindred, there's a difference here,
Between weariness and a spirit held clear,
You've weathered storms and faced your fears,
Now it's time to rest, to dry your tears.

The world may whisper, 'Keep moving, don't cease, '
But listen closely, find your inner peace,
You've earned this respite, this moment of pause,
To heal your wounds and find your cause.

Embrace the stillness, surrender to its tender grace,
Reignite the fervor within, let passion embrace,
When the time is ripe, in triumph you shall arise,
With renewed vigor, seizing glory, claiming the skies.

So remember, dear soul, when doubts dare to assail,
You're not indolent, you're not trapped, you're not destined to fail,
You've endured battles, survived life's tortures and strife,
Now seize your essence, ignite your purpose, ignite your life.

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