Echoes Of Despair Poem by Spirit Music Hope

Echoes Of Despair

Been having this sad feeling again.
The melancholy is so familiar.
so fudgin' familiar.

As the world's burden weighs me down,
And I struggle to grasp hope's crown,
Doubt and despair consume my soul,
As hope slips away, leaving me unwhole.

With each moment passing, the darkness grows,
And my heart's song is silenced by woes,
The ineffable euphoria, once within my grasp,
Now shattered, leaving me to sorrowfully clasp.

Despair grips my heart, and doubt clouds my mind,
As I search for light, in the darkness confined,
But hope's flicker is now a distant glimmer,
Leaving me to face the night's icy shimmer.

I am lost in this abyss of despair,
And the weight of the world feels too much to bear,
But I know that someday, hope will return,
And the light of a new day will finally burn.

My cries pierce the veil of the abyss so deep,
As I wait for a reply that I can never keep,
In return, I'm only met with an eerie hush,
A resounding silence, a voiceless crush.

The echoes of my fears reverberate,
As I'm lost in this void, desolate,
The deafening stillness that shrouds me,
A reminder of the demons that surround me.

Lost in this moment of darkness profound,
Where shadows and light interlace and abound,
A wanderer in a vast and untamed land,
Where hope and despair walk hand in hand.

Yet even In this dismal place, I shall persist,
For I am certain that after darkness, comes the morning mist,
A new dawn's light shall fill my heart,
A rebirth from within, a brand new start.

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