For Whoever Needs A Smile Poem by david bailey

For Whoever Needs A Smile

Rating: 3.0

THIS is for YOU the one
that needs to smile.
Whether you're an
outcast or most popular,
sexy or not,
happy or unhappy.
THIS is all for YOU.
The sun shines no matter
what; you will shine
brighter then the stars above.
They are no match for your
smile that radiates
in the night time sky.
You rule the world with your personality,
that brings the best out of
If you dont believe what
i'm saying look inside
yourself and find the truth.
If i didnt make you feel
loved then my friends tell
me what to do.
Because in the end
this poem
was really for YOU.

Stella Sisanda Qishi 03 March 2008

I love it. Made me smile.

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Amberlee Carter 29 February 2008

this is very sweet..out of all your poems, I liked this one the best.. Always, Amberlee

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Mary Gordley 28 February 2008

How darling you are to write this. May those smiles you create find their way bak to you whenever you are in need of one yourself. Thanks

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Leticia Starkey 28 February 2008

this is good i really like it because it will bring someone up when they are down

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Kaliah Austin 20 October 2012

oh wow... you really did brighten my day....thank u 4 dat bcuz i needed it :)

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Muzzie Junkie 18 August 2009

wow...I actually smiled. It's been awhile since that has ever happened. Thanks David!

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K.A. Bishop 26 June 2008

It made me smile. =]

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Evaughn Gray 23 May 2008

that was just a beautiful poem it'll make anyone smile..I loved the poem 10..~Hazel Green Eyes

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Dr.subhendu Kar 03 March 2008

im saying look inside yourself and find the truth................self when guide and philosopher by the wisdom, beautiful when it sways like a leaf,10+, thanks for sharing

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