For Whom Did Christ Die? Poem by Denis Martindale

For Whom Did Christ Die?

The destiny of Jesus Christ
Was shared in prophecies,
From Genesis, Man realised,
God only grants us peace...
For Adam sinned and Eve sinned, too,
Thus all descendants choose,
So that includes the likes of you,
If Gentiles or if Jews...

And so, throughout Man's walk on Earth,
From birth until old age,
Each soul is proved to lack true worth,
Deserving of God's rage...
Yet here we are, surviving still,
A remnant caught in time,
While God explains His sovereign will,
So perfect and sublime...

God knew that when the Romans came,
The whip and cross brought death,
Yet Jesus died to bear our shame,
Within that final breath...
With John and Mary at His feet,
The closest of them all,
To see that sacrifice complete,
In answer to Man's fall...

So those for whom Christ chose to die,
Were there, both near and far,
A distant Pilate asking, 'Why? '
Each thief who bore a scar...
For kings and priests, for free and slave,
For children yet unborn,
No wonder, Jesus came to save,
Despite the pain and scorn...

The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,
Good Shepherd, Lamb of God!
Deserving all His rich rewards
Because He shed His Blood...
Yet thinking more of you and I,
The love still meant to share,
Beyond that final day to die,
All worldly sins to bear...

God's harvest soon to be fulfilled,
Its number yet unknown,
Yet every heart is blessed and thrilled,
Salvation's grace to own...
More than Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,
Peter and Timothy,
The names go on and on and on,
For all eternity...

A billion souls still lost, astray,
The battle rages now,
Will they escape God's Judgment Day?
Perhaps... if we tell how...
If not, what can be said of us,
'Well done, you're highly prized! '?
Therefore preach about Lord Jesus!
You've found the Cross of Christ!

Denis Martindale, copyright, January 2014.

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