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For Whom To Fish Or Hunt - Poem by Larisa Rzhepishevska

I will not write about love or separations,
About types of men are my cogitations.

Number one is a man of super class.
Abundance of them goes to the mass.
A car is the main thing in his life,
He marries it and it becomes his wife.
He is free like a bird and forever in flight
The highway he travels days and at night.

Another one here seems to be like a gift,
Intelligent, quiet, in all he likes thrift.
He loves himself, to others indifferent,
So often cheats and so much prudent.
Many times divorced he everyone kicks
And to marry again he does not risk.

This one is assured with cars and a house
It takes him a second to unbutton your blouse,
He looks exactly like a crown prince,
In paradise living he tries you to convince.
But here my dear don't make an illusion
As his soul is empty and he is in confusion.

This man looks as a very domestic,
He sits on a couch and looks majestic
He hates any company, he is a TV viewer,
In life and in his wife he has to be sure.
He is always a hard-working and humble,
He doesn't like worries and jumble.

There is a single one, a bachelor forever.
In love pool he won't rush. Never!
With his mother he must all details discuss,
So that his parents will not him cuss.
His advances will be long and boring
Your opinion he is just ignoring.

This one is romantic but he is so rare
He ages mix up and he looks an ideal.
Candy and flowers, obsolete phrases,
His love making simply amazes.
He'll always dream and your body admire,
But sorry to say that: won't be on fire.

This one is intelligent, handsome and rich,
Has family, children and all likes to teach.
In all he knows limits and measure
And only career is his main treasure.
If you are satisfied with the role of mistress
You have to be patient and a good actress.

A philosopher man is a very versatile.
Struck by meditation when he was a child
He sees and knows the essence of Earth
The pearls of knowledge he gives birth.
This one often causes smiles and laugh,
For most women he looks so tough.

But that our philosopher doesn't concern
He knows exactly where to turn.
Married to his ideas he is certainly unique
Energy expanse! His mind is so quick!
Through times he merged with eternity,
Not knowing his wife and his paternity.

Enough of flying! Let's go down on Earth!
Let's talk about a man who loves his hearth.
A man as a getter, a man as a dean,
A lot of options can be found and seen.
Let's be consistent and now go to fish,
Mackerel or perches are always good dish.

We'll buy the baits, we'll put a good rod
And look for the man to be caught.
This process is exciting and endless
But it's worth as a good business.
The splash of energy! The game is great!
Sooner or later he'll be on the plate.

The world of hunting is interesting more
As wild animals you'll have to explore.
They all are different in their behavior
In Irlandia, Britannia or even in Kenya.
If you are not a hunter or do not like fishing
You'll hear the only one crawfish swishing.

That is the reality of present life,
For everything you have to strive.

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