Dani Miller


I dont really know where to begin
So I can tell you how I feel.
I dont know how to explain this
So you won't get the wrong idea.

Lets start with what I know.
That might be a littler easier for me.
Are you ready for the worst?
Too bad, that isnt what this is going to be.

Well I know that you've been lying,
Thats what tears me up inside.
You tell me you've been doing great...
Burned into existance: another lie.

I know you aren't doing good,
Much less doing great.
But you avoid to talk about it.
Which is exactly what I hate.

I know that you're scared...
Because you think you can't talk to me.
This happened before, remember what I said?
'I never saw a reason to leave.'

You said thats how you knew I was different.
Because I didn't walk away.
When you showed me your 'true colors' (statement from you)
I still made my choice to stay.

And do you know why I never left?
It wasn't just because I didn't see a reason.
It was because you seriously opened my eyes,
As we made our own life, own world, own seasons.

Its like we started over fresh...
All the past left in our tracks.
Every mistake erased;
Sworn to never go and never look back.

What happened to all that?
Is it still burned into our sky of dreams?
Is it slowly slipping out of our grasp?
For our attention does it scream?

And I don't know how to say this
Without it sounding too Cliche.
So I guess Ill ask a question.
Why not put your knife away?

Yes...I know about that too.
Unfortunate for us both...
Does it listen to your problems?
I wish you'd stop...I hope.

I guess Ive been lying too...
Because I havent told you I knew.
But I didn't want you to get scared,
Or think I was angry with you.

Because Im not...im just confused.
I hope one day soon you will see
That no matter what,
I am never leaving.

I am going to stay here...
Talking with you...

Holding you when you cry...
Wiping away your tears...
Taking away your knife...
Helping you face your fears...


Written Febuary 6th,2007

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, February 6, 2008

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