Forever Wishing Never To Be Caught Aavesdropping Poem by Sarah Mkhonza

Forever Wishing Never To Be Caught Aavesdropping

I do wish I had been eavesdropping
When the guy I liked was talking
About girls so I could know what he
Was all about. Life since has taught
Me never to be caught eavesdropping
For you hear what you are not meant
To hear.

Never be caught eavesdropping by life
For you will start acting on things
That are not meant for you and get into
Deep trouble. I did this as a teenager
And found myself wishing I was older
When it was not yet time.

It is like being caught with your pants
Down and makes you feel very bad that you
Did not trust that things were going right
For you felt excluded when you were included.

Imagine the devil catching you eavesdropping
On the plan he has of misleading you and you
Start acting against the plan when all he wanted was
For you to be lost the direction you were not to
Take and then hear him say, Got Ya!

So what is it that we should be doing if we are
Not on the look out for ourselves with our ears
Like antennae reaching out to the world? Should
We be sulking under the sun and looking at its
Rays and asking them to strike us in between
The eyes without any goggles and then saying
We cannot see the future?

The future is not written in space in red ink
Like the marks on your spelling book, but it is
In the things dragged by you. When you go into
The next alley do not say we did not tell you
You listened for the wrong message. If you could
Listen to your surroundings and eavesdrop on your own
Breath and watch ants crawling life seems to say there
Is a mountain to climb where what is said has
Already been spoken About you, if you are alive
and ready for your plan to take off.

Monday, January 9, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: life,mission
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