Friends Poem by gloria wekesa



Our friendship struck on the first day we met,
We became best of buddies and told each
Other everything,
Or so I thought,
I had numerous heartbreaks and you were
Always there for me during those rough
You gave me the strength I needed to
Get through them,
And we later laughed about my dysfunctional relationships.

How about those days you were depressed as hell?
Why? Too much work and never enough time?
I did everything in the book to cheer you up,
Nothing was working.
Then I shared with you this silly joke
And I had never seen you happier,
The little things in life are what actually
Makes us the happiest,
How could I forget that?

Then there was that time I was actually
Heartbroken for the first time,
Do you remember? The many times I cried?
The many phone calls you got because of my
Almost nervous breakdown?
How you were there the whole time?
How for the first time you actually got worried?
Wondered it I was going to pull thro’,
How you kept checking if I was okay,
And almost believed that I may have
Actually loved the guy and wasn’t
Just doing the casual thing,
All the music cd’s you gave me
To let me drown myself in music?
In my quest to try and get over it,
How you felt so helpless as I struggled
To mend my broken heart?
Then a miracle happened,
My heart healed and you have never been happier.

Then you decided to crush my world,
I heard from one of your friends you are getting married?
Getting married? How?
I thought we told each other everything?
Why didn’t you tell me?
I had to keep a straight face before
Your friends and pretend you told me,
Inside; inside? My heart was bleeding,
It was so painful I thought I would die.

Was I not that important to you?
Was I not beautiful enough to you?
Why do you think my relationships never worked?
Are you that naïve?
I want to see her, to see how she looks like,
What she has that I don’t,
I wish never existed,
I wished her dead,
I cried myself to sleep so many nights
I lost count.

I woke up and decided to let you
Let her have you, she beat me to it,
You will never be mine that is a fact
I have accepted.
One thing remains certain, apart of
My heart will never let you go
And I have closed it and thrown the key
In the Dead Sea,
Do you want to know why?

Because if someone ever opened it,
It will be unlocking a Pandora’s Box,
The length I will be willing to go to
And what I will be willing to lose
To get you back
Is unfathomable and unbelievable
No one will be able to understand
What happened?
Not even you.

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