She Poem by gloria wekesa


She smiles and gives a firm handshake,
Her eyes betraying nothing
Her emotions well buried,
Behind her big brown eyes
He thinks ‘what a little fool she is’
He does not know that he is the fool,
He is satisfied with himself
‘today I have struck gold’
He tells himself over a glass of champagne
He has no idea that to her it was just a game
That the smile that looked so genuine was a fake,
It was all a façade for inside she feels nothing
No emotions, no love, no hate3
Just indifferent and the words of endearment that
Were uttered were all part of the game
He has no idea.

She walks around looking crestfallen
And her eyes teary at times,
‘how he broke her heart’, they whisper as she passes
They don’t see the smile on her face
And look of satisfaction on her face
She knows how to play this game,
Oh! She is good.

She knows not how to love or hate,
She can pull the trigger and watch you die
And yet feel nothing,
She has no emotions
She is cold inside
She is indifferent.
She smiles when expected to
Laughs when required to,
Cries when the need demands for it
But inside she feels nothing,
At times she is scared of the person
She sees in the mirror
People feel safe when you love or hate
But when you feel nothing
You are indifferent even to your worst enemy,
They are scared.

Society has molded her to what she is
Some say she is a monster
Others wish they were like her
Feeling less,
And the question remains
What has society created?

Fiona Davidson 21 November 2008

Brilliant description of modern life...thank you

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Richard Post 21 November 2008

excellent piece of work, rich with the tapestry of ironic taste

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