I Belong To Him Poem by gloria wekesa

I Belong To Him


My heart leaps with joy when I see you,
My knees feel too weak to support my body,
Which now feels like it weighs a ton,
I love your smile and your lips; they look
Like they are begging me to kiss them,
When you hug me and hold me, my body
Feels so lost in yours I don’t want to
Let go,
Am lost in your brown eyes that look
Like they can see right through me,
But am in pain, so much pain
My heart has never felt such pain
I don’t know how to handle it.

With you I feel safe and stable,
I don’t know if I love you, but I
Know I care about you not to want
To break your heart,
You have been there for me through my
Ups and down,
You understand me so well and am not
Worried or conscious when I am with you,
But with you, my heart doesn’t leap,
My knees are not weak when am
With you,
Your lips are not enticing me to kiss them,
When you hold me, honestly there are no
Feelings stirred,
But you are the one I have been with for
All this time, am not brave enough
To leave you for him
No am not.

I should not be with you because I belong
To him,
But you are my addiction, I cannot stay away
From you,
You are what romantic songs are sang for,
You are what romantic novels describe,
And you are the one that stirs love in
My heart, Shakespeare wrote his poetry with you in his mind,
But I should not be with you because
I belong to him.
You are what stability and responsibility stand
For, I belong to you,
But my heart belongs to the other one whom
I dare not mention,
With you I know I will have a stable
Relationship that will last long,
And you will never stop loving me,
But is your love enough for the both of
Because my love belongs to him that makes
My heart skip a bit and my knees feel
But I belong to you not him, even
Though at times I wish it was him and
Not you.

Today I saw you and my heart is in
Pieces and shattered,
Because I belong to him and not you,
But I want to be your, I want to be
With you,
I look forward to seeing you each day,
If I don’t my life is totally disoriented,
To face him, to whom I belong, I need the
Strength from you otherwise I might lose
It and tell him I want to be with you,
But we both know the repercussions, so I
Dare not,
Where did you come from? My life was
Perfect until I saw you
And now I question my relationship
But I belong to him.

I don’t feel what I do when am with
But you know what, most people settle in
Not with those they love and are crazily in
Love with,
But those who will provide a stable and
Caring environment.
Right? Please; please tell me right, I need
To hear it from you,
I need to know that am not making the
Worst decision in my life by picking him
Over you, my love,
Because I cannot live knowing that I chose
The wrong person,
You to set me free,
I need you to set me free, to be with
The one I care for and not you the one
I love,
I need you to set me free.

By Gloria.

Thomas Viruvelil 15 September 2008

Mind conflicting and dancing between two people Very well expressed though there are problems with the language

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