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Friendship Rains - Poem by Barnali Saha

Friendship Rains
Barnali Saha

(published in The Statesman, India)

The morning firmament turns dark
Sheaves of cotton cloud billow and lurk
The scrumptious little pie sits on my table
I look outside and see the rainy rebel
The wind chime tinkles a mirthful tune
And I remember the days cold and prune.
The lonely trees in the neighborhood
Dance and sway like loyal myrmidon.
Dollops of happy thoughts fill my heart
As little drops patter and call me spoiled brat
The unadulterated, succulent rain
Bring home happy thoughts and plaintive refrain
The somnolent air lulls me to sleep
The soporific lids thy thoughts lip
The juvenile splendor of the idyllic day
When you and I with glee might lay
On the drenched grass and enjoy
The cavalcade of the pouring rain
The umbrella with a broken rod
Covered with soot the little frock
The smiles of innocence oozing with glee
We promised together we would be
The susurration of the blowing wind
Two little hearts, two puerile minds
The dusty bicycle we often would ride
I would always be by thy side
As you paddled the meandering lanes
The drops of friendship the sky rained
The red brick wall along the road
Still imbibe the stories untold
The smell of strawberry from the last candy
Our cheery life sweet and dandy
I still hear the merry laugh
When nobody would talk about our tactless gaffe
Merry go round the childhood days
I often miss them- my sensitivity says
The bicycle paddle still now move
The eternal rain is still extant
That old umbrella rest in peace
With disuse our childhood now cease
The pattering rain on the tile above
The billowing clouds our childhood absorb
You and I are forever friends
Partners in mischief and soul mates
The mature earth now plays again
Let's go and drench in the rain
With swiftness let our steps move
With lack of gravitas let us prove
That childhood stays forever in the heart
Time, the fleeting bird might flow
With time the body might grow
But in the heart may childhood dwell
In the drops of merry rain it again swells.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, June 3, 2009

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