From Cries To Silent Smiles Poem by Karpop Riba

From Cries To Silent Smiles

From the resonant echoes of our first cries
To the sounds of contented smiles that now comprise
Our happy moments, life's tapestry has woven
A story of growth, transformation, and devotion.

We arrived in this world, naught but a blank slate
On which the hand of destiny would patiently await;
To inscribe the many moments that would unfold
And shape our thoughts, emotions, and aspirations bold.

Our childhood memories are vivid and bright
Filled with unbridled joy, mischief, and laughter that ignite
A sense of longing for those precious days
When imagination and wonder led us far away.

With time.. the playgrounds of youth began to lose
Their allure.. as did the carefree days we once knew.
Our adolescent years arrived with questions and doubts,
As we searched for answers and tried to figure life out.

But through every challenge and obstacle we faced
We grew stronger, more resilient, and embraced
The lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the strife
That ultimately shaped our path, our beliefs, and our life.

As young adults, we emerged from the cocoon of youth
With newfound purpose, conviction, and a quest for truth.
We wandered down unfamiliar avenues, venturing afar
As we discovered ourselves and how to leave a lasting scar.

Looking back.. we are grateful for every experience,
Each moment that taught, challenged, and left an impression.
From loud cries to silent smiles, life's journey has been vast
Marked by twists and turns, that helped us find our path at last.

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