From The Heaven You Are Near To Poem by Francis Duggan

From The Heaven You Are Near To

Rating: 5.0

To get closer to your God you embrace poverty
And you thank him in your hymns and prayers for your humanity
And with your kin in your house of worship on the sabbath to him you kneel and pray
From the heaven you are near to I seem so far away.

If there is a heaven for poets I am sure you will be there
And with the great poets who lived on Earth your great gifts you will share
And I with the condemned poetasters will forever live in hell
And amongst the non believers I will still write doggerel.

You write such marvellous love poems and you love deeply and true
And few if any greater poets on Planet Earth than you
And though you do condemn war in your Nation's flag you take too much pride
And you do not seem to want to know the story of the other side.

Yet you are a good person your words they tell me so
And in your marvellous insights the genius in you show
And though we seem to see things differently that's life I do suppose
And a rose by any other name will still smell like a rose.

You say poverty is not a bad thing to your God it brings you near
And to life's higher principles you do seem to adhere
And your insightful verses are inspiring them I could not criticize
Still we look at life one might say through very different eyes.

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