From The Horse To The Equine Poem by Mohamedkhadar Yussuf

From The Horse To The Equine

They told me that I belong to the same house as you,

they single-handedly made the decision,

they drew a line and instructed me not to cross

to the other end where my brother, the ZEBRA resides.

With no authority and say, I accepted,

with no fear and suspicion, I accepted,

with no hate and jealousy, I accepted

But brother, you weren't the same.

you aren't the same up to now - half a century later.

You aren't comfortable with me in the house we call


you aren't ready to accept me as a co-owner of the house,

you never want me to live and enjoy myself comfortably

in this house.

To you, my hair is a problem; my skin colour is a problem,

my appearance is a problem; my existence is a problem.

Brother, everything that happens in the house I'm responsible,

you say,

My innocence never believed; my presence never trusted,

my doings not trusted; my hard-work envied with bad

allegations from bribe to terror to piracy, to frauds.

Brother, there is a difference between me and

my other brother, the ZEBRA.

I belong to the same house as you,

he belongs to a neighbouring house.

I understand he is now dwelling in the same house with us

but you know the reason.

You know that his house is burnt, brought down, in chaos,

in mayhem.

I hear you say the ZEBRA brought some disorders in our

house but does it mean am him? He is me?

remember I'm the HORSE, your brother who is living

in the same house with you and he is the ZEBRA,

our neighbour whom we offered shelter in our

house because his isn't suitable to live.

Brother, tell me; what is all this about?

I'm uncomfortable, I'm in a bad state, I'm not happy

in my own house.

Are you trying to force me out of the house?

where do you think I belong?

it is now half a century of torture in my own house

I can't just watch you hurt my pride like this.

I'm tired of this, I'm fed up with this,

I hate this, I'm saying NO to this!


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