Frozen Beauty Poem by Sumit Ganguly

Frozen Beauty

Rating: 4.8

Splendour of a moonlit night
Lies frozen within reach.
In vacuum silence of desolate air
The mind can break its golden cage
And spread its flapping wings
The sky and stars, trees and earth
Will absorb all the steam
And bring us all within our fist.
We have a right to live everyday.
Let's open the chiller door
Make a drink and make up our mind,
Sip the beauty and spread ourselves.
That's the way to peace and heaven,
That's the way to live with self.

Friday, October 16, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: happiness
peter karweru 20 May 2016

I can almost hear the sound of roaring tree leaves upon the persistent breeze, and the freshness of the air emanating from a land far away. A really great piece!

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Sumit Ganguly 21 May 2016

Thank you for sharing your feeling.

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Mohabeer Beeharry 03 June 2016

We all have a right to live.too true. This line is so powerful and I feel like standing up and live. So much sense, both spiritual and psychological sense in here.great to read. Mohabeer Beeharry

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Dr Dillip K Swain 21 November 2017

A magnificent little write.. felt it like a song..10

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Rini Shibu 27 May 2017

Wow..the mind can break it's golden cage.inspiring poem

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 22 October 2016

NICE THANK U in search of my love hope to find him ere the sunsets as he may by then be below the fathoms of the sea seeing himself bereft of me let my oarsman make haste as we have little time to waste the sun is about to set as the storm threatens too how will my lover without me do I wonder too do you MODIFY PLEASE AS PER RANJISH the sun is about to set / as the storm threatens too how will my lover / without me do / I wonder too / do you

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Sumit Ganguly 23 October 2016

In Search Of My Love is a poem of true love and the dilemma of lover is an eternal feeling. Nice poem full of emotion. Thank you for adoring my poem with your bright piece. Where can I read your poems? The Poet Poet ' search lead me to a sight where no poem has been posted after 2014.

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 18 October 2016

most of you here are five pointers only this site is for learner poets only you claim to be learn and improve may be then come and read me

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Sumit Ganguly 19 October 2016

If it's a criticism and advice I thank you for being so nice If it's appreciation thank you, it's my inspiration.

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Ahmed Shibli 14 October 2016

This feels like it has been spoken in its purest form... Beautiful! ! !

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