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Splendour of a moonlit night
Lies frozen within reach.
In vacuum silence of desolate air
The mind can break its golden cage

I saw a smiling sunflower
swaying in pink air
I smiled back at the happy face
will she reciprocate the stare?

When at first we met each other
We were trekking toward the peak
With first love and expectations
We trod the path, we trod the path.

Limerick is a city in Ireland
Which has plenty of bricks and sand
Has masons and their bosses too
So, adding the two and two

There was a creature called amphibian
Who ruled the land as a politician
While in water
He would squander

So long our own star shines,
brighter stars do not dazzle our eyes.
Only in darkness we look up
and seek light of stars, meteors, pulsars.

Eggs of the bird named desire
are my life's possession,
some hatch and sing over my existence.

Some summit dwellers have,
Atop their holdings,
Flags with the symbols of crown, or
Hunter's eye, or

All villagers are rich
pelican air sustain them
blue canopy hold imaginations
field and river nurse the souls.

Festival of colours
run through years.
Unfathomed sound
dance around.

Chess boards and pieces have two colours
Black and white-the eternal warriors
There is no apartheid
King is the titular head

If ignorance is darkness,
Father, please teach me how to lit a torch.
If stagnancy is darkness,
Teacher, please teach me to move.

Utter the word 'bad' to someone and keep mum,
fire flares up in his mind, you feel the heat or glacier impact,
black cloud robs the day's coat of pelican- white.
A smile, some sincere praise, can motivate all,

Beneath the uniform of power
rests a porcupine fear.

Beneath a mask of gentleness

There are two ghosts around me
one is my shadow, the other dazzles my eyes.
They appear in lonely hours
and one never meets the other.

So long, the world was spinning anticlockwise,
our normal life glided with skating shoes on.

All on a sudden there was a jerk.

Happy souls under the sky
had wings to fly.

Came a gang with thunderbolt,

I move from farm house to city apartment,
the night sky turns a beggar,
low key songs of crickets and owls
erase city heartbeats.

I walked all day
collecting pebbles of the road,
to find me facing a blind lane.
I possess the future at the moment.

Sumit Ganguly Biography

Passion of poetry chases me from boyhood. In youth, a whirlwind took me away, like a feather. When the spell was over, I came back to my passion, boyhood passion. So, here are my poems of boyhood awe, animation, sorrow et al.)

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Frozen Beauty

Splendour of a moonlit night
Lies frozen within reach.
In vacuum silence of desolate air
The mind can break its golden cage
And spread its flapping wings
The sky and stars, trees and earth
Will absorb all the steam
And bring us all within our fist.
We have a right to live everyday.
Let's open the chiller door
Make a drink and make up our mind,
Sip the beauty and spread ourselves.
That's the way to peace and heaven,
That's the way to live with self.

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