Full But Empty

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Haven'd been able to say,
truly how i feel lately,
'though i am full, i am empty',
i finally figured that's how i feel.
It's hard to understand,
how can one be full?
but empty at the same time?
I'll explain,
see....it's like this,
i have my family and friends,
everything i'd ever want and need.
But there's just a hole,
in my heart,
that hasn't been filled.
I've searched,
high and low,
still never finding what i want,
to fill that gap.
But one day,
when i thought,
i found it,
i still have this pain,
even though the hole is filled.
So that's why i say,
'though i am full, i am empty'
: : end: :

written: 1/10/06

Mickey Pig Knuckles 15 January 2006

Oh Ashley, what a beautiful composure you have created here as you have a natural gift of writing quality poetry. That emptiness will be filled when you least expect it and it will be the most beautiful feeling you have ever felt as when the heart speaks the entire body listens. I now must Thank You for sharing your gift of words with all of us and especially for giving us just a little of you as you are awesome and I am glad I have found such a gifted poet to be amongst and hopefully we can inspire one another through our passion of poetry. As I now leave I have a little request for you. I want to ask that you please keep your pens ink flowing across sheets of paper as we your readers eagerly await your next poetic caper. Your Reading Fan, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)

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Charles Chaim Wax 15 January 2006

a wonderful poem exploring the meanign and purpose of life and what happens when the meaning and purpose somehow at the moment elude the soul keep up the good work

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