Furthermore Intuitimprovisation 01 29 2019 Poem by Lee Mack

Furthermore Intuitimprovisation 01 29 2019

Charlotte, NC

01 28 2019

GRACE... only! And furthermore, have no political, military, republic, autochthon (aborigine)or corporate autocrat leader, monarch, by definition and intuition, have no digestion to mushroom mucus balls discovered capable of the necessary Grace of possibly managing creation of necessary civism; endowed by absolute exception to racism. Apple-eating, tree-shape shaded grass nestling; restored rightfully and righteously ordained; able toendow, power to create by crystal clear blue contrail free sky ribbons of archon symbols of tweeter artifact intellect minds. Not necessarily, but trees taken as knowledge and life grow on cosmic levels by means of black holes opening on the backside of mirrors of fertility of wombs; and, fertility of land turbulence and continuity making feels in the spine the stuff of her love.Flush of her moans, as often as grace opens her songs of voice free flowing in waves nearly touching horizontal axis beneath neutrinos that pass from the negative to the positive vertical with no sign change. Both sides remain Grace voices of rational diameters of her openness. Communicating her free-flowing grammar. When truly sung, she sings in voices of her grammar free verse. Reality sets in without proper Eurasian language, without magistrates of education, existential constructs in her cultural currency and currency divine; (Is there a race of people) ? There is no animate race of people. There is nonwhite intuited and white ghost attributable cultural motive and energy without race[E = MC sq.]. MC sq. - E = 0; take it to the intuited. There, a house of Grace waits. God exist, ‘There' in reality devoid of substance in belief, in possibility and in probability; or as white ghost existentially becomes relevance in imagination. Thought information pieces together all of it to end in misbelief. Fear cults of meta-artifacts of artificial intelligence prostitution. The righteous murmur and mourn the intuitive waste. When boats overloaded withoil sink, cruise ships of businessmen tweet the SOS of their storms, the flags of their flags once made by them re-represent their Trump-ships and congresses of their lifeguards too afraid of swamp backup and behemoth sharks full of artificial monetary and white ghost deficit books. Really, do not care intuitively. Grace will forever care. It is not our time. Just duration.
GRACE… will intuit what challenges white ghosts. Intuitive victory ends its wars of peace in silence of the guns… splints them as they lay with; there, their wound to heal. There, God has seating for the wait line. Grace has the intuitedbook of reservation.

Lee Mack

Lee Mack

Shelbyville Kentucky
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