Future Is On Your Hands Poem by ndidzulafhi munyai patric

Future Is On Your Hands

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Time will never being anything side.
To disrespect time is to disrespect future as well.
If it is altanate to reach a future destination, everyone will being inline with time.
Unfortunatly it is altanative.
If your eyes open, forget about future destination.
No one can see or tauch future.
Centaintly overcome is software.

If your eyes are closed, there is a huge possibilities to feel a way to succesfully.
Tell dear weakness to go away from you.
Arouse and be boldness, so it will be easy to you to fulfil.
Applaud and confidence will give you a lift to fultil.
Rescue your mind from capativity.
Tell dear not spare mind to say goodbye from you.
Without sweat no sweetness, so make sure you capable to bring sweat.
Faith and emotion can take you far.

Do not let anything along the way to deceit you.
Do not let your ears to hear the word formidable.
Because it will direct you to the poor world.
Task of accomplish is not formidable at all.
If you are going there, do not look steady backwards keep gaze forward.
If you tread backwards, in this jouney you will endup saying i do not enjoy life.

In this jouney you will face a lot of mountains.
fail do not mean game is over, it mean you did not run by enough speed and pull your socks up and also hel you to have a long tread as well.
Tell your dear brain to step forward from hopeless to hope, gaze at desination and forget about everything.I never realised that future stand before my eyes and on my hands as well.
Now i can feel that am fying without wings.

poem by ndidzulafhi patric munyai.

future is on your hands
Kingsley Egbukole 31 October 2019

Beautiful Poem. Thanks for sharing. Please kindly check my poems HOPE and THE BEAUTY OF DEATH and do leave your comments

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