“gaia' Poem by Ray Lucero


Rating: 2.5

The glory of *Gaia;

The imposing silence of a moon lit night
Countless stars strewn ‘cross night sky

The pale rays of morning sun through trees

Her rivers of cleansing menstrual flow

Her ocean womb

The pregnant smell of fertile soil

The diversity of life inter-dependent

All created to render an Adept worthy of Gaia

That moment when for the first time she exclaims;
“Man…I am yours”
Beautiful words formed by a Divine Goddess

Perfume from her Living/loving Soul breathe forth
Mingling with the perfume of flowers

A moment of “At-One-Meant” that man pays for
with a life of bitter regret and misery...

(Inspired by H.P.B)


(*The Gaia hypothesis is an ecological hypothesis that proposes that living and nonliving parts of the earth are viewed as a complex interacting system that can be thought of as a single organism)


Lucianne Fasolo 05 February 2008

This was so beautiful, Ray! I loved it. You surprised me; I wasn't expecting something like this, :) I studied the Gaia hypothesis in highschool, hehe, and I completely agree with it. The earth should really be considered as a massive living being. Maybe if we did that there wouldn't be so many enviroment problems such as air and water pollution, destruction of forests, global warming, etc, because we'd learn to respect our planet. But unfortunately most people still think of the earth just as a property they own and live in. They abuse it, litter, burn trees and hunt animals, without considering the consequences of their actions. But again, I love this poem, :)

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Junior Pocoloco 03 February 2008

I like it, good job. We are nature looking at itself.

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