15 Minutes Of Ecstasy (For Lovers) Poem by Ray Lucero

15 Minutes Of Ecstasy (For Lovers)

Rating: 4.2

Before reluctant sun arose
one summer’s morn,
Her lithe, naked body
lay next to me

On downy pillow her flaxen
locks did adorn,
Heated passion thru me rushed
“Oh, sweet agony”

Hungry hands explored the
fullness of her landscape,
I felt the roundness of her breasts
a nipple I did pinch

Ere long, my veiled heart
she’d soon undrape,
She moaned a sigh of pleasure,
and gave a subtle flinch

Two bodies conjoined in bliss
all else did fade away,
Earth nor God Himself
would dare interfere

I in her, her in me
our love we'd not betray,
Our sacred act felt no guilt
as finish then grew near

'15 minutes of ecstasy' as
two lovers fulfilled as one

She morphed into nights Silver Moon,
and I the Central Sun


Milly Hunter 14 August 2006

Oh how magically some are so blessed by God; this was elaborately majestic, with a real romantic flair. Brilliantly ascribe, well done~!

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Milly Hunter 13 May 2006

This metaphor is draped with quite a creative surprise, still romantically breathtaking all the same. Quite the clever muse with a charming twist of uniqueness, for sure. Brilliantly romantic~! ~Milly

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Patricia Gale 31 March 2006

Filled with passion.Intimate in a tasteful way Patricia Gale

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Moya Levy 24 March 2006

Beautifully done Ray, tender and nice, Moyax

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Michael Stephens 21 January 2006

Another good one from Ray, who is quickly becoming a favorite. And boy, does it ever capture the essence of those moments of ecstasy that are all too rare in most of our lives - and thus all the more precious as well. Bravo!

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Al Ramos 13 September 2008

! 5 minutes, tell me your secret. me I'm a one minute man. I know, it's sad.

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Robert E Hann 02 November 2007

Ray, A very sensual write. May I share with you my 'Poem Erotica' Robert

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Ivor Hogg 17 October 2007

it takes two make a completer entity my friend

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Lucianne Fasolo 13 September 2007

This was beautiful, I loved it! Wonderful job!

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Patricia Gale 06 January 2007

Beautiful, absolutly beautiful...........

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