“great Souls Live In Crooked Bodies” Poem by Ray Lucero

“great Souls Live In Crooked Bodies”

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Judge not, measure not,
The greatness of a soul;

By how one looks outside
By how one speaks or acts
By home where they reside
Instead observe how you react

Should you feel shame for them
or pity should arise,
It’s that your mind is closed,
Heart wearing a disguise

Crooked faces, crooked smiles
Fool those like you and me
Crooked limbs on crooked forms
Create ill will, poorly we then see

We must offer love to one another,
For that crooked man you scorn
As God would have it is your brother
Heaven-Sent and Earth-Born

Patti Masterman 01 February 2009

''Tis true my form is something odd, but blaming me is blaming god. Could I create myself anew, I would not fail in pleasing you. Was I so tall, could reach the pole, or grasp the ocean with a span; I would be measured by the soul. The mind's the standard of the man.' -poem often quoted by Joseph Carey Merrick (the Elephant Man) written by Isaac Watts

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Kate Lechoe 22 May 2015

Very true. We should not be deceived by outside looks. The real person is inside.

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Giedrius Koncius 22 May 2015

inspiring to not ashamed by your outside and to be proud with your wealthy inner worls. thank you for sharing.

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Niamat Ali Murtazai 22 May 2015

We must offer love to one another...........................a very good idea to be followed.

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Ovi Odiete 22 May 2015

Very powerful and beautiful... Please read my poems and leave a comment Thanks

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Kumarmani Mahakul 29 May 2020

We are all souls and we are brother in relation. God is supreme soul. He has love to all. We must offer love to one another. A marvelous poem is amazingly shared.10

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Rosie Bourget 14 January 2016

We must offer love to one another then the world will be better.

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Elena Tsonkova 30 August 2015

Touching indeed. Reminds me of a quote I've read recently. It goes: One doesn't have to gain respect. Respect is due to everyone. It's another thing whether or not we manage to keep to it.

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Godfrey Morris 22 May 2015

Most beautiful such a profound message. Thanks for this one.

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Nothing in life is crooked Save our attitudes and sights Which maketh our minds wicked And causes jealousy and fights....... One may have a perfect body but a crooked well hidden brain which can cause all the problems that the world is presently suffering from. A great poem by Ray. Sir, I invite you to my page too for your valuable comments.

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