Galveston Remembered

Some forty years have quickly passed
since I, of younger years and mind,
set foot in Galveston at last
from uni pressures to unwind.

Room by the beach just one fifteen,
a bargain surely, it's a deal,
it looked presentable and clean
so I went off to grab a meal.

Those waves, their beauty and the sound
would be my lullaby that night
this was off season, so I'd found
the rooming house with amber light.

Of course, I'd settled in the cover
just as I did back home though not
with my perfect and long-haired lover
the air in Galveston was hot.

Forgot to take a trip to sprinkle
the plants to help them fight the heat,
the ocean sent a moonlit twinkle
as I returned to my retreat.

Relieved of pressures, now reclining,
a searchlight briefly swept my room,
downstairs the noise from late night dining
a distant ship sent out a boom.

However tired, I was tensing,
my eye had spotted on the flooring
a hurried scramble, I was sensing
and jumped. Next door a man was snoring.

Lights on and action, holy fella!
A thousand critters, a huge army,
Germanic, species of Blatella
some crawled and others acted swarmy!

Needless to say, packed and departed
slept on the beach, woke to the frigates,
up on the walkway someone farted
the radio spoke of Southern bigots.

It is with fondness I remember
those days, when time was for the asking,
in Galveston, in late November
I spent my hours, snoozing, basking.

And caught a sunburn, quite expected,
to show the folks in Minnesota
as they were freezing, I detected
three feet of snow, fresh over quota.

I have no clue if I will ever
see Galveston again, who knows?
Perhaps my plan would be too clever
first Galveston and then the snows?

My hope is though for good conditions,
no hurricanes and roachless quarter,
and as this visitor envisions
a suite complete with private porter.

As to the force of Nature's fury
I pray that many many millions
as happened to them in Missouri
(perhaps it really were billions?)

were swept away to change vocation,
amphibious life, among the fishes
would much improve my planned vacation
that's it for now, no further wishes.