500 Words And One Hand Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

500 Words And One Hand

Rating: 2.7

'Yes', she uttered.
It was 1966, home turf,
when standing, tipsy
on the muddy banks
of our river,
by name of Schwalm,
when she, with sudden
and so unexpected,
but very welcome,
and hoped for,
dreamed about,
though feared,
initiative, and courage,
and all but shunning
all that which was,
well, after all,
a woman's place
in modern times.
Still needed to
be more conservative
than any man.
By country mile,
and more, of course.
So, now she had,
while we were kissing
with eyes tight shut
in paradise
of overflowing
yet immature
and innocent
slipped one sly hand
where normally
the sun don't shine
and no one visits.
that's what I mumbled,
we stood like that
until the time
of Bliss was done.
I do not think
that it will ever
return to us
yet memories,
they surely must
cross over .
I would not want
to enter Heaven
without it,
no, the preciousness
shall be with me
beyond today
beyond all worlds.

Sylvia Spencer 27 April 2005

Wonderful memmories so I never looked for greener grass I had it lock stock and barrell. Fantantic poem 10from me and 10 for the memmories cheers sylvia

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Anong All 22 June 2005

There seems to be so much of wanting, piled up inside.

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 05 September 2005

Interesting Herbert...but a lot of memories.......

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sHerbert Nehrdick 25 April 2005

Twenty three years old before you got a girl to cop a feel. No wonder you are so screwed up.

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lily fox 05 November 2019

amazing and very abstract

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impressive way of relating

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Ramesh Rai 06 October 2014

Indeed a very deep write. Last line keeps the extract of whole.

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annie okia 21 May 2007

This is very touching......and sensual. alana

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K K 06 March 2007

A very wanting poem KK

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