......Of Gold? Poem by Herbert Nehrlich

......Of Gold?

Rating: 2.7

I was not looking when you found me
you stopped just long enough to smile.
I felt your presence all around me
and hoped that you would stay awhile.
You hurried on - you had your reason
and faded slowly in the light,
'twas hot, the highest summer season:
And then you turned - I'd hoped you might.
You flashed a brief but lovely look,
it made me feel quite weird.
Then silly me 'What if she took
offense at my gray beard? '

Then you were gone, the sun left with you,
the night air came with sudden force.
And to this day I often miss you
when you are not at home, of course.

What is she like, I wondered then,
what does she value and adore?
Would she expect to see in men
some muscles, brains and looks and more?

And when I left, went down the road
I had her on my mind.
I thought I recognised the coat
or was I going blind?
And near an oak tree she was resting,
I knew not what to think
and thought that someone must be testing
to drive me to the brink.

The rest you know, my lovely sweet:
It's just as you had told.
You wanted one that didn't just beat,
you needed one of gold.

And may I burn in hot damnation
for being so conceited.
But here I am - on this occasion
I must not be defeated!
'I have one, although it is old',
I shouted loud into your ear,
'It beats okay - it's made of gold! '

The little secret -now revealed
is that I slaved and polished
this drum that was just MOSTLY gold.
The flaws are now abolished.

And that was only the beginning.

Anong All 21 June 2005

Enjoyable poem. The tone was quite soothing.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 04 July 2005

If there's any doubt that Mr. Nehrlich (Herbert) is not one of Poemhunter's most 'inventive' and consistent poets to come our way, let that hesitation be removed! He reveals..yet, another side of his awesome abilities! Thanks Herbert! There's got to be a Full Moon dispersing you with such wonderful text...of late! ...lol Very nice, Herbert! I really enjoy this one! L

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 04 September 2005

Such a very sweet sentimental poem......loved it!

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Lynette Dias-Gouveia 26 January 2006

I have to agree with Lawrence.. you encompass such a variety of themes and subjects with such ease and fluidity.. It is always wonderful reading your work.

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Ndidi Ubogu 01 February 2006

this is a very good poem. I have read lots of your poem and really your works are inspiring......

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Ruby Honeytip 29 October 2012

Sigh! How sweet and innocent and laced with love. Beautiful writing.

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 11 March 2009

Wonderful poem...... A reading worth of gold......10/10. Regards Naseer

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Reshma Ramesh 01 December 2008

how did i miss this superb write...........10+

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Tanya Stanford 31 August 2008

Lovely use of words that make you think. Enjoyed the read.

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K K 06 March 2007

Very sweet poem...I doubt that she even noticed the beard :) KK

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