Gardening Poem by Vinaya Joseph


In the morning's golden light, I took my broom in hand,
To tend my garden's verdant stretch, a tranquil piece of land.
With each sweep, the plant litter fell, like whispers on the breeze,
As I cleared the paths and beds beneath the ancient trees.

Among the flowers, shrubs, and vines, where silence often reigns,
Two lively woodpeckers arrived, with music in their veins.
They perched upon the trunks so tall, in feathered, noisy thrall,
Their beaks tap-tapping rhythms that echoed through it all.

The roses nodded gently, as if they knew the tune,
The leaves danced softly to the beat, beneath the sun of June.
I paused to watch the feathered pair, their colors bold and bright,
Their presence was a joyful note in the morning's quiet light.

I swept away the remnants of the seasons' bygone days,
Clearing space for life anew in nature's myriad ways.
The garden, fresh and tidy now, a testament to care,
Held memories of the woodpeckers and the peace that we did share.

In this haven, blooms and birds, my spirit finds its rest,
In the simple act of brooming, my heart feels truly blessed.
For in the garden's gentle embrace, beneath the sky so blue,
I find a world of quiet grace and dreams that all come true.

Vinaya Joseph

Vinaya Joseph

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
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