Ramona Thompson

Gay Men Vs. Straight Men

1. Gay men cry.

Straight men act tough and hold their emotions in at all costs. They would rather die then look like less then a man by letting their emotional guards down.

2. Gay men say, 'I love you.' and really mean it.

Straight men say, 'I love you.' just to get laid or to get out a would be fight with their women.

3. Gay men can be friends with a woman without the thought of sex ever crossing their minds.

Straight men can't even look a woman's way without thinking about they can later get into her pants.

4. Gay men watch action movies hoping to see someone get 'blown'

Straight men watch action movies hoping to see things get blown up.

5. Gay men go to war hoping to hook-up with their fellow soliders.

Straight men go to war hoping to come homes hereos so that can get laid by hot women when they get back from tours of duty.

6. Gay men would have a sex change in a minute that they could experience for themselves the true joy of child birth.

Straight men would have a sex change sex in a minute if it meant that they could play with their new female bodies any time that they wanted to.

7. Gay men go shopping to check out all the lastest fashions and hot bargains.

Straight men go shopping only if someone holds a gun to their heads or if it's for a major home improvement project they are actually looking forward to working on.

8. Gay men know they're going to Hell someday for being admonition againest God.

Straight men know they might be going to Hell because they have sowed one too many wild oats in their life time.

9. Gay men wish Brad Pitt would break up with Angelina Jolie so that they could date Brad.

Straight men wish that Angelina Jolie would break up with Brad Pitt so that they could date Angelina.

10. When gay men say, 'What a hot bod.' you know they must be talking about another man.

When straight men say, 'What a hot bod.' you know that they must be talking about a really hot woman.

Poem Submitted: Monday, April 7, 2008

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Comments about Gay Men Vs. Straight Men by Ramona Thompson

  • Jacob Bryant (2/18/2010 8:10:00 PM)

    You forgot a few things. God INTENDED for Men and Women to be together, NOT MAN & MAN or WOMAN and WOMAN. Straight men would not rather die over crying, I don't say I love you just to get laid. This poem is totally abbsurd.

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  • Shane ClawsonShane Clawson (4/11/2008 11:01:00 AM)

    Applaud! I luv this poem.. with true facts and humor it lightens up my day. Takecare!

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