Georgia Nut

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The Muse dictates that there is much to be said about peanuts of every kind:
Green, boiled, nuts in and out of the shell, even peanut butter made chunky or fine.
But there's another of which we must write,
Before the World Court, is brought this endite.
Another kind of nut from the red Georgia soil,
Is a'festering, like a old sypillitic boil.

Put this nut in a group of Socialistic thinkers
And you've got yourself some world class tinkerers.
Dedicated to give all away,
That man has labored for to this very day.
From each according to his ability, to each according to his need,
Is the basis of their Communistic Creed.

Give this nut a prize and pedestal on which to stand
And this goober begins to think he's God's gift to man.
He'll infect others with the idea; take from other's toil,
Regardless of consequences, to the needy goes the spoil.
From him comes this warped Baptist thought
Reopening wounds from battles lost, he has fought.

Make him a World Citizen and all can see
This nut's cracked. What a real pity.
His skull's a shell designed by nature to protect,
But there's something inside that we must suspect.
Cracked open to reveal the resident kernel.
You discover insides something that's truly infernal.

Beneath the skin, a musty poison's harbored
Like an Aspergillus mold growing inward.
This nut forgets, that is; if he ever knew,
Criticizing the homeland's something you don't do.
A measure of quality, character and/or propriety
Are all lacking, in his reach for destiny.

Don't blame the farmer or the vine
That produced this nut we happened to find.
Georgia farmers long ago learned to dispatch
This kind of trash as leavings, in the peanut patch.
Their hogs root-up the sandy ground,
In hopes that some morsel will finally be found.

But with this nut, we all come to fear,
They'll be poisoned by the stuff, he holds so dear.
This one was found by the Clerics, to be without guts.
He and his friends are simply, Communist nuts.
Who have compassion for the poor, it is true,
And, give to them what is earned by me and you.

Stuart Mason 08 November 2005

I'm not sure i agree with the socialist bashing content but i liked the delivery. Light hearted and some bold attempts at comic rhymes that, for the most part, worked. My fave being kernel and infernal.

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***** ********* 08 November 2005

Hi Sidi, there sure are a lot of nuts in poetry these days! rofl 9 for entertainment. Grinning Tai

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