Get Rid Of Lucifer

You sick daredevil you! You sick daredevil you! I can't wait to get rid of you. You make Black people fight your evil deeds and you at the same time you sick fool.

You're evil in your ways and you can't or will never make me play the game of life like you play it. But instead I'll play the game like I play it and and when it comes to you I'll go astray.

You sick Daredevil you! You sick Daredevil you! you play your evil ways and your evil games like a fool. But I'm not here to play your games and were definitely not cool.

Your horns grow long. Your ignorant, your nasty, and you're one simpleton dude.

You sick daredevil you! You sick daredevil you! you like it when people feed into your possessive demons and your possessive habits and to be just like you.

Guest what Devil? you can't stop God with the power of God and his Angels you're definitely through.

The Evil Red deity person or The Evil Red deity guy is immune to what's good in life for me and humans and that's not cool.

How do we get rid of such an Evil beast? The Red whacko is always going cuckoo cuckoo!

On Earth anyone can prove that Lucifer is real and as well as God and both of them definitely don't get along as two gods as one plus one equals two.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: evil,god