Brian Taylor Poems

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Why Am I Not Afraid Of Anything?

Why am I not afraid of anything?

I'm not afraid of anything because of my strong brave heart, mental sharp attitude, and my shining diamond ring.

It's International Poetry Day

International Poetry Day this is the day where poets are celebrated on the day March 21 yay! hay!

International Poetry Day it's world poetry day long let's leave room for some of the most honored poets and Hall of Fame inductee poets that are all poetically ok.

Poetry Is My Masterpiece

Poetry is my masterpiece I will never stop writing poetry and poetry will never cease.

Poetry is my masterpiece by reading it I can always learn something new and follow my own destiny.

A Prose Poem

All poetry doesn't have to be extravagant or anything special poetry is poetry with rhythm or without rhythm prose poetry.

Prose poetry of ordinary sounds of ordinary meaning every thought through every human in their mind is a child in their mind and this is prose poetry giving that prose flow and keeping it real morally.

Mr Miyagi

Mr Miyagi, an old wise man and karate teacher doing his thang Chinese Food and Chinese Sifu teaching be like water karate dude.

Mr Miyagi, a Master of Kung Fu and a wise Godly man patient and not rude.

God never created mankind to think wrong God only created mankind to think right, live his life joyously, live his life right, and put up one hell of a fight.

God never created mankind to think wrong God only created mankind to think right with some of his greatest thinkers not thinking five times before they make a decision but to just think twice.

Accept Me For Who I Am

Accept me for who I am while I'm not miserable and stuck in a jam.

Accept me for who I am while I'm eternal through Jesus Christ and God with me being Jesus and God's sacrificial lamb.


I am fearless.
I am a man who is strong, brave, and the proudest.
I am focused.
I am not worthless.


Noel, you say you're not taking any disrespect from no one.

On the other hand, you say you want others to respect you.


Where is the great energetic life that God provides for me each day?

Internally I can get a relief from stress and mentally as I keep writing poetry.

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