E Nigma

~ghosts Of Salem Still Remain~ - Poem by E Nigma

My visions fade like ghosts beneath the grave
But still I remember the first full moon in may
She swayed under beams, lighthearted until deceased
An atrocious fantasy, precocious fallacy

Within her parapets she lied awake amongst the space
Time gave her, my gratified sighs tire within her eyes
While my hairs stood still saluting the haunting lips
That caress them with a crimson kiss I'll always miss

Pathways carved from memories starved, to death, they exit
As they dance to the rhythm of rattling bones underneath
A throne of creations spat out of the womb
A lovers malice burns within the chalice of desires
That spurned the martyr who found herself
Though Never lost her nerve

Though they quenched their thirst with flames the night was cool
The magical stars all aligned, tragedy clings to their cries
Sending chills that wind down my spine unlocking the beast that was so Passionately Chained to folded arms released, easing into a relapsing Uneasiness

So I sought out answers descending to and through the abyss
With a heart that cried loud enough for deaths gate to divide
Ominous, the invitation to one who dare tread upon deaths
Uneasy steps, foreboding abode, within the darkness I listened
As a voice spoke in Hushed tone

(You, weary traveler have come a long way, what is it that you seek?)
The only thing that makes this life worth living, my love was stripped away
(You speak as though you think I can erase this pain)
If you wanted to you could release her back unto me

(Proudly she accepted her fate, yet you, you rejected her in a time of need)
I, I was afraid, I didn't want to embrace the truth of their claims
I told her to lie, to reject the accusations made but she wouldn't listen to me!
(I fear for you, I only work one way unless you agree to the terms that I say)

I will do anything just tell me

(A contract will be made to which you will obey in death, my slave)
(You will harvest, as my reaper, the souls of those who must pay)
(Now return to the place from which you came with an offering)
What I offered was a mere existence paid into coffers

As I passed over coffins like dreams tossed into a wishing well
From which there is no return, the trip it seems is only one way
I quell the whispers that bubble in the cauldrons between the chasms Of my soul And caress the hand of death that lingers with a love that Lives so cold

In an instant I was transported to a foggy graveyard full of Forgotten names And heard a soft moan grow into a whisper, I looked Around but saw not a thing, I was then thrust to the ground as though It laid claim, defiance stared into gravities face to which it was Overcome and obeyed

I sat there under the weight of obedience waiting for what seemed an Eternity, until an ethereal presence began taking form out of the Matter my eyes cannot see, the face of my love appeared her sad eyes Looked me over then her countenance changed

Her eyes became flames of Fire that pierced my soul as her spirit Moved right through me I felt the anger filled horrific
Screams, then a soft still silence echoed within the weight of invisible eyes that cover me from Afar as I woke from this dream

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 7, 2015

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