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I like the way you walked away
Another day slips out of view
Another way for me to say
The proof lies inside you

It's never easy tracing your steps in denial
Because you find yourself looking back
A moments tasting lingers awhile
While in the crowd you see a sad clown smiling back

Welcome to the scene
There's some stains from a loather
A twisted love conveyed
By what's drained on the covers

Your eyes
Draw the curtain

Sure, communication to connect is key
But is there really any reason I want to hear me?
Maybe I'm in love with the sound of my own vanity
Perhaps I just don't want to hear your rambling

Surrounded by enemies on all sides
None that have come here have survived
But I, I am not like them
Yes I, I have a secret

Hope is but a daemon with no face
A totem gazed upon for some strength
Denial disregards the truth
Which you must face

Woven webs above a stove a spider treads
Within my minds eye, I follow threads
Along the spaces, traces, dread
I see life and I see death

It was like cupid lived within
Her soul shooting arrows through
Those eyes as they pierced
My scaly rough exterior

Welcome to the world within your mind
Throughout the various layers within
This construct you will find disturbing
Sights and fancied flights unnerving

We almost had the breath to hold the details
But were cradled in a coffin so bleak
The smile will never see is drowning
Cause the heart we could have loved will never be

Dragging along the ocean
The waves whisper a name
A long forgotten notion
Discarded tokens what they crave

Salvage the beauty of your ignorance
While you caress the innocence
Of letting go, security brings comfort
To the lost that found answers

I would like to entertain
But there's a broken rear-view
Your stance to postulate
While I drive around your lies

I never thought that when I woke today
It'd be the last time you opened your eyes
I can not say that I'm ok
Nor can I say that I'm alive

She drags herself into my view
She's a wreck and I'm in love
With all that is her madness
Like a coat hung on her words

I'll destroy your house of clay
Watch you walk away
Gathering yourself
In the scattered winds sway

Bases loaded, as are the owners pockets
Filled with the dreams and disappointments of the young
But here's the pitch, if you steal for home
Your out, in other words, game over, done


You draw are conclusions and they look like what you believe
So I ask, what do you know?
That you are here and doing what?
Reading over these words

The strangest life I have lived
Crawls across my skin
When I walk the earths form
I slowly take it in

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Who I am is of no importance, What I say is. A verbal catalyst to promote a positive change. If you're not part of the solution you're only part of the problem and this world has enough problems.)

The Best Poem Of E Nigma

~the Place Where Dreams Die~

I like the way you walked away
Another day slips out of view
Another way for me to say
The proof lies inside you

A fading memory kissed away
The lips of truth unconveyed
We watched the cycles remain the same
A rose garden, the ruse burdens

I woke today closed my eyes
And held you tight
While your memory moved out of view
Passionately forgetting me

Painfully forgetting you
Forgetting almost everything that we ever knew
I held a dream and craddled a baby
The tearing seams echoed a maybe

But maybe not, we're all alone
Unguided notes wandering in a symphony
Where I'd say I love you but we both know
That Isn't true, so lets be true

My mind understands what love is
But my heart just can't fake it
You've tried to show me what love is
And though I get it, I just can't take it

Reciprocated way too late
Watched your eyes fade into the grave
But now I know because in your loss
I found what you tried to teach me

The ways you tried to reach me
So close yet so far gone
You're more apart of my life now
That I can't touch it, that I can't touch you.

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