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Who I am is of no importance, What I say is. A verbal catalyst to promote a positive change. If you're not part of the solution you're only part of the problem and this world has enough problems.

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~the Place Where Dreams Die~

I like the way you walked away
Another day slips out of view
Another way for me to say
The proof lies inside you

A fading memory kissed away
The lips of truth unconveyed
We watched the cycles remain the same
A rose garden, the ruse burdens

I woke today closed my eyes
And held you tight
While your memory moved out of view
Passionately forgetting me

Painfully forgetting you
Forgetting almost everything that we ever knew
I held a dream and craddled a baby
The tearing seams echoed a maybe

But maybe not, we're all alone
Unguided notes wandering in a symphony
Where I'd say I love you but we both know
That Isn't true, so lets be true

My mind understands what love is
But my heart just can't fake it
You've tried to show me what love is
And though I get it, I just can't take it

Reciprocated way too late
Watched your eyes fade into the grave
But now I know because in your loss
I found what you tried to teach me

The ways you tried to reach me
So close yet so far gone
You're more apart of my life now
That I can't touch it, that I can't touch you.

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E Nigma Popularity

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