E Nigma Poems

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~the Place Where Dreams Die~

I like the way you walked away
Another day slips out of view
Another way for me to say
The proof lies inside you

~a Knife Disguised~

It's never easy tracing your steps in denial
Because you find yourself looking back
A moments tasting lingers awhile
While in the crowd you see a sad clown smiling back

~an Obscene Scene~

Welcome to the scene
There's some stains from a loather
A twisted love conveyed
By what's drained on the covers

~fibonnaci Holds Energy~

Your eyes
Draw the curtain

~2 Ears & 1 Mouth~

Sure, communication to connect is key
But is there really any reason I want to hear me?
Maybe I'm in love with the sound of my own vanity
Perhaps I just don't want to hear your rambling

~the Artist Draws Death's Door~

Surrounded by enemies on all sides
None that have come here have survived
But I, I am not like them
Yes I, I have a secret

~dual Doppelgänger Duel~

Hope is but a daemon with no face
A totem gazed upon for some strength
Denial disregards the truth
Which you must face

~the Gate Keepers~

Woven webs above a stove a spider treads
Within my minds eye, I follow threads
Along the spaces, traces, dread
I see life and I see death

~coming & Going~

It was like cupid lived within
Her soul shooting arrows through
Those eyes as they pierced
My scaly rough exterior

~tachyon Travels~

Welcome to the world within your mind
Throughout the various layers within
This construct you will find disturbing
Sights and fancied flights unnerving

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