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Girl Named Suicide - Amanda Todd Story - Poem by Kevin Patrick

Another damaged misfit, another little girl
Who wrote a letter saying 'goodbye you old cruel world
She had enough of living, without a sign of hope
And now she's going sliding, down the end of rope
The world had been to busy with taunts and degradation
To vaguely even notice, the tears that welled from humiliation
Now Amanda changed her name to a girl called Suicide

Like every little girl, she was raised upon a lie
Told to love Pink book bags, and be all sugar and spice
Her mother was a trophy, for a daddy absentee
And all she really wanted was a happy family
But Disney never showcased, the slums of happy endings
When fathers leave their daughters, to fall on their fillings

School was just a prison, a combat zone in hell
The only education was to keep your head down low
Friends were based on treaties, in 30 different cliques
And if you don't have a passport, pray to god upon your knees
Cause if you're all alone, they'll hit you like a duck
Without so many handshakes to bat the devils luck
The only thing for a girl, is to change her name to Suicide

She met a boy online, and thought he was the one
Who could be her prince charming, and not a son of a gun
It started out facetiously, with dallies and LOL'S
But then the game plan changed, to Adults show and tell
He asked if he could see her, pose inside the nude
And because it was her first, he played her like a fool

The skin pics that she sent, were used for bad intent
He said if she weren't hardcore, he'd post them on the net
And when she had the gull, to say no to his sick games
He sent them as a mass text, her reputation raped
Her friends list started shrinking, one by one per week
Until there was not one person, she could call to speak

She tried to change her clothes, and try to changed her hair
But she couldn't quite disown, the lifeless heart she wears
Every school she turned to, had the same psychotic faces
Hurtling fresh insults, and more disgusting accusations
Boys would stand and laugh, as mean girls punched her guts
Shouting in her crying face 'that your stupid slut'
So what's a girl to do but change her name to Suicide?

With every kick and hit, it sent her down dark paths
Looking for relief, in codeine and cocaine stashed
The only crowd she found, were pot heads and drop outs
Someplace where acceptance, didn't hurl endless insults
Her grades began to slip; when she took up the evil drink
But when you're living down, its hard to really think
That's why Amanda changed her name to a girl suicide

Her mother tried to save her, with tax payer councillors
They said 'things will get better' with textbook analysis
Providing cheap solutions, in forty minute sessions
But back in real world, the kids chewed on her lessons
Spitting on her sinking image, for entertainment value
Until she tried phase 1 of getting off the planets menu
By legally changing her name to a girl called suicide

In an act of desperation, she posted on YouTube
A plea of help yearning, for something, someone soon
Because of her disgrace, she couldn't show her face
So she posted on post cards, clip notes of her abuse
But nobody took notice cause they were too busy
Looking for ways to get their fame and fortune

Now the knot is tied, hanging up above the light
There's nothing left to do, but take in one last sight
At the posters on the walls, the twilight on the shelves
For here lies sleeping beauty, in youth shell always dwells
Salvation from the restlessness that loneliness has passed
A place where love is flowing, in gardens nocturnal rest
Now Amanda's changed her name to a girl called suicide

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Poet's Notes about The Poem

This might sound a little preachy, but I had this in the back of my mind for awhile, Amanda Todd was a girl from B.C. who killed herself because of bullying. This is an attempt to make a tribute, Suicide is NEVER a solution, people need to be open to people and respect them.

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