Gloomquake Poem by Kevin Patrick


Rating: 5.0

You strike without fair warning
breaking on waves of mourning
then teeter-totter
and helter-skelter
my cruel revue of scorning
as you jitterbug
with coffin hugs
between the curves of battered nerves
where you shatter
and then you scatter
my every thought into bleak debris
you always come
when your least expected
then reloading
when my hopes rejected
you knock the door
and tear me down
I run for cover
but your rage is their
with your gleeful frown
the sweet songbirds
cannot hear your
the neighbours dogs
cant sense your
but I know
your rage is their
to unleash your mendacious (c) harm
as you flatten my confidence
in a rubble of impotence
you'll never surrender
that itch to unhinge
my self assurance
into that maelstrom of chaos
that tests my endurance
joyfully crushing
the foundations of my sanity
and leaving my courage
into puddles of rubble
you like to shatter
happiness and gravity
into a crater
of regret and agony
your very good
at knocking me down
I wish I could cry
but my lids are all dry
you never break a sweat
in missing your target
your natures leading star
your the best in your genre
of natural disasters
your my daily motion picture
frozen on repeat.
At times your like an army of Elephants
crossing my Rubicon
with leather strapped Carthagians
come marching with batons
while Hannibal's courtesans
titter and tatter
their honeyed dripping words
are the landing pads of bee stings.
And still you come
with your tectonic terror
laying waste to the surface
of my own self-importance
every action
another reaction
to all my mistakes
and ill indications
measured with pleasure
in the Richter scale of loathing
buried in my neurosis
of the fault-lines of myself.
Pouring dirt over my soul
your seditious and edacious
welcoming me with open arms
my favorite disaster
Im in debt to your compassion
my sweet and grim gloomquake

Friday, June 2, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: depression,saddened,reflection

Pretty long, but good read. " the neighbours dogs cant sense your epicentre "…

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M. Asim Nehal 03 June 2023

They say pain is the source of Great poem and your poem is one such example of it. Melancholy at its best.5****

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 June 2023

I have watched a movie just 3 days ago entitled, The Son / Son that tackles depression. Just like this wonderful poem. So gripping that if we have a member of the family that suffers from this sickness, there should be immediate intervention.

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Richard Wlodarski 03 June 2023

2) Kevin, once again, I applaud you for your very courageous poem. This kind of poetry has the potential to save lives!

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Richard Wlodarski 03 June 2023

How is this for synchronicity: I too had watched that film 3 days ago. Rose Marie, I concur with your recommendation: be it family member, friend or acquaintance, immediate intervention is necessary. I've lost more than one friend through suicide because of depression.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 02 June 2023

A mountain of poem on depression so vividly and brilliantly depicted. I concur with Richard 's comments. Very poignant indeed.

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Richard Wlodarski 02 June 2023

One of the very best heartrending, heart-wrenching and gut-wrenching poems about depression that I've ever read. Kevin, I salute you for having the courage to write poetry of such a sensitive nature. And as painful as it is to opens another chamber to the reader's heart.

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