Give Love Another Try Poem by Christina Phan

Give Love Another Try

After all pain and suffer you been put tooo
Give love another try
I promise you that I won't let you fall down
Take my hand and take this chances while we can
I will make you feel special, happy, and smile again
Make our wishes come true
God bless the broken road and lead us into each other
Please stand back up on your feet and
Give love another try
You will miss all good times
You will have with me because of past
You shouldn't let this get to you too much
You making yourself all sad and miserable
It's time to let it go
That person was jerk for doing that to you
Deep inside I know you're a great person that I want to love
Don't lose your chance to be with me, because you will regret this for rest of your life
You will keep wonder
I know what's like from my experience
I miss on a great person
I don't want to get hurt from him or any other guy, so
Give love another try

Chitra - 21 September 2009

a gift of hope and renewed love, well expressed through this superb lines

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Sarwar Chowdhury 18 September 2009

yea --> nicely said---> so give love another chance--->superb! 10+

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 14 September 2009

Give love another try I promise you that I won't let you fall down Take my hand And take this chances While we can...........really sure..i loved the promise that onehas to give to make it memeorable in life and reassuring and yes life is to be lived to gether and lst long... only promises andchance has to betaken.. well versed poem.. i liked it...try....10 read mine...mary to mary..... love at first sight

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Tyease Collins 14 September 2009

Ahh this is my life. I'm gonna actually try to give love another try =] -Ellie

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