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Death's song plays in tune,
in tune with lives he holds in his hands.

He plays of loneliness and depression to

It was my heart that tore through love and death
to be right by your side,
it was my fists that knocked out ever loser and creep
that ever caused you pain,

A predator waits within the
depths of existance,
creeping within the conscience
of safety,

I have him stuck in my mind,
his lips so soft and tender,
our fingers creeping to interwine,
our hearts beating at the same time,

The heavens parted and the waters have calmed,
to bring you to me in the beginning of this
invisable storm,
but you let through and i held out my hand

I stand alone with the lights turned out,
reaching for the existance that I want on my fingertips.

I hear the voices through the darkness call me strange,

There he was positioned in front of the
reflection and through the eyes he senses
the hint of anger.

My fingers rubbed against the surface of glass,
and it shattered before my hands.

I watched as it welcomed my skin with an open

We held hands with mixed emotions,
whispered words of surreptitious acts.
We sat, fingers crossed, promises hidden
within the circle of our confinement,


After what you did to me
you expected me to stay?
You think that toying with
my heart will get you far,

My heart will stay in a cryptic memory,
tainted to the touch but cold to the
what my heart use to dwell on the faintest lies

I pulled the trigger no one would
sit and listen,
I sent myself underground for all the
wrong reasons,

My eyes hide secrets.

The thought of us sets me aflame and Im ashamed to say that my heart still beats,
slowly beats,

Maybe it's just me but I need your breath upon my skin.
I guess weird to say but you simply complete me.
You simply care so much as to have thought of me.
Your love overpowers every ounce of negativity in the world,

Within the minds of the sinner,
I am reborn.

Within the thoughts of the beggers and

I'm sin,
and i wear a mask with it.(real)

I wear painted on tears

Incisions marked with skin of silk,
I am vulnerable,
true to flesh and bone,
I am human,

Every night spent in tears takes a toll on her,
mixed emotions selfless statements portrayed,
the world had never seen such an empty child,
such an empty doll,

Through the clenched teeth
you sink in with this,
belief that you're stronger than me.

Though I try to smile and keep my composure,
something's keeping me from returning to the
heart that screwed me over.
Nights like this I wish that my head would cooperate,

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It has been almost 4 years since I have been on here, and I am sure even longer since I have posted any poems. Hiya I'm Elizabeth.23. Reside in Nj. Poetry and I are trying to get reacquainted. Interests? Bdsm, Ddlg, psychology, kittens, kpop, korean culture, romance, love, the key to happiness. Feel free to shoot me a message anytime.)

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**death's Song**

Death's song plays in tune,
in tune with lives he holds in his hands.

He plays of loneliness and depression to
he sings of lost lives and death itself counting
down until the lives of mortals are all gone.

Death keeps his tune with a flute that he hides
behind shadows and tucks deeply within.
His heart turned dark years and years before the moon
was introduced to the sun,
and before life corresponded to death.

He cared for no one and was taken the job of
holding lives,
lives of the lonely, the sick,
and the heartache,
he was told he couldn't come back,
so he spends eternity sitting beneath the
of the layers of dark corridors and dark passageways
of people's worst nightmares,
and the last thing you'll ever hear,
is the death's tune loud and clear.

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Tess, you are very beautiful, i love talking with you and having you in my life!

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Matt Reyes 14 October 2009

You have to be one of the most amazing people to ever talk to me. though we barely met i already have a feeling of comfortability with you. i hope you can find that nice guy who deserves you and he would be really lucky. you are an amazing person and i hope your life is filled with happiness and good things. :)

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Jessica Leonard 14 September 2009

Hey you have really good poems keep it up! Your great!

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Nathan Kraft 09 April 2009

not very often do we come across such a talented writer as yourself. Reading your work is easily described as a gift. I've always thought the trick to finding beautiful poetry is to look where you'd least expect to find it. And you Tyease are the person, who writes these beautiful works of art, where I least expected to find it. Keep writing, and always remember to keep writing. Nathan Kraft

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Tyease you are one of the most unique girl I have ever met in my life so far as you also make wonderful poetry for us poets to read and to understand your themes, experiences and even your feelings. So Tyease thank you and I will speak for everyone who didn't write a comment about you yet and would love to say these four words to you...We Love you Tyease! Peace and Love CJ aka The Young Phenomenon

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Mike Susak 23 November 2008

i lost my fiancee back in april of this year, my heart has been toward to shreds.. way to capture the feeling, of how i, and other people feel about losing a loved one, my life has been incomplete since then, very good material, i love you work, keep it up

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