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When Beauty
Comes to meet with I
Naked she
Wonderful! no shy.

Blooming and fading ages like flowers.
Some oozing silently with intense heart-pang!

Royal bengal tiger!
When swim to pass across river
Target is determined.
Just straight forward move on

Dear God
being obsessed by incisive heartiest expressions
I am expressing to you- 'the Creator without directions'
that you know, I am in the act of washing Myself with love.

Hello Mankind!

My name is Love.

First world war
Resulted 40 million causalities
1914 to 1918
Died men women children teen.

Exactly living or not don’t know….
Rats are taunting…..
Human alike rat…
Desirous day night…

Scornful some call you,
But I would not like to say so
Petulants are living with fade hue.
Woman, o woman! I see your glow!

So I go
… all of friend and foe.
.….the time has come to depart
… off a must that do us part.

I am a passer-by here on the way to eternity
and she too.
O Angel-like woman

I read her to see her
And see her to perceive her.
Perceive that her mind touch
I love more, she thinks of ‘much’.

My eyes are full of dream
Darling, that you know
Hence I am in love so…

Oh little bird
My sweet bird!
How can I say
My pain so hard!

That the eyes burning ……..> Intense inferno
Don’t afraid you friends <………Get nearer to go
To draw closer sweet sight…………..>The eyes can
Smile heartful in the hellhole <……………Lover man

((In the Greek mythology, Adonis, the handsome youth loved by both Aphrodite and Persephone. Both are daughter of deity Zeus. In modern parlance the name ‘Adonis’ is frequently used as an allusion to an extremely attractive youthful male. I have equipped/ instrumentated here just the names ‘Adonis’ ‘Aphrodite’ ‘Persephone’ and a moth.))

Hey, what you intend to do!

'.........Love; It kills slowly and painfully...'
-Khalil Gibran

('Laughter not time destroyed my voice.
And then I laugh till tears run down
And the heart thumps at my side

Decoder the poet devoted to the facts
Creating metaphors everyday.
Decoding His lover’s eye that speak out wordless.
Her mind, her every part of beauty encoded.

The amazing scenerio-
Sweetheart's sleeping face!
Made faint sun-shine and moon-lit!
Crossing light speed we need soon meet!

Unseen untouched affaire de Coeur stinging Oh what I would do …..the ocean of pain her burble… cool hot cool hot waves..soaked by love I say.. She sounds Fun… the air bang thud thud by the gun! .....Her fragranced the elite room Of heart despite breathtaking….placed she dearly me there and sing..

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Literature is, to me, exploring ideas, exploring thoughts, exploring beauties and something more beyond the reality. It gives me pleasure. I enjoy seeing with the memory.)

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#### My Naked Beauty Said-

When Beauty
Comes to meet with I
Naked she
Wonderful! no shy.

Scented charming entity - every part
Enchant me, intrinsic, lively, smart.

Our colloquy
Open and significant
Beauty always
Giver, not recipient.

She is in joy and within sorrow
My sensorium salutes to and fro-

Because my quest
From east to west-

'Why you, too, in deep pain? '
'Time circling, here am in chain!
Change hue when comes ordain.'

Beauty do not know- what is shy
I love her to know my inner I.

'Listen my dear, inquisitive you,
Everyday come questions new.
What, where, why, how, when, if.
Want clear answer, not misty or brief.
You can say Future play alike idiot!
Always put on the way dot dot dot.
Magic, deception, lightning.
Thinks and things rocking,
Jocking, poking, cheer!
There is no present here.
Within no time Future become Past.
Giggling time giggling dust!
Blackholes consuming past why?
No answer but play XX versus XY.
Idiot not the Future o dear
It's wisdom to identify what you are! '

Asked I-
'Some say your role illusive all over? '

'Incorrect, my duty is to illumine, to uncover.
Now you see- I am alike she
In fact, me in multiform, many she he.
I am Romeo, I am juliet, I am in nature
I input more power within all creature.
I am in anger, I am in love, I am in dress
I am always moving, I am in undress.
That the flower said- not to fall in love her
May say soon goodbye, wherever you are.
I was in she, at that time, o dear sarwar
She loves you, though no disclosure! '

Suddenly Beauty's eyes moist with tears
Asked I -
‘Why? tell me, tell me Beauty dear! '
'When Childrens cry, they die, I sad much
Things ordained even with their love touch!
Oh! innocent childs, oh God!
Forgive me, forgive my nod'

I, too, pray with tears and sigh
Beauty said- 'For now bye dear bye'.

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.

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Anjali Sinha 03 September 2008

Sarwar, You are a star writer. Every line of your poetry has that sempervirent, viridescent nature--so soothing to the heart. Keep writing thus and God Bless My sincerest wishes, Anjali

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Yusuf Adamu 21 August 2008

Nice piece. Isn't love a universal language and borderless appeal?

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Greenwolfe 1962 12 July 2008

I have not read much of this poet, but I have read enough to say that poets may benefit by being here most of all. Every poem that I have read has a lesson for a poet wishing to learn of their purpose. This, of all things, is the only true lesson a poet must learn. Continue to teach Sarwar. In teaching poets, you add substance to the world. Greenwolfe 1962

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Kamal Hussain 06 September 2009

Hi Uncle, How are you I hope that you are fine there and I am also fine here. I read your poem. But actually while I read your poem the word is quite interesting and getting tuff to understand the comment of others is very nice. Uncle you are to much famous these days. Congratulation! ! !

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Catrina Heart 29 August 2009

Sarwar Chowdhury, He is a poet of modern days who has a brilliant mind. His compositions enthrall all his readers with his innovative stylish and erudite whimsical lines. Reading his latest written opus will even beguile you more, for he exhibited unusual form of poetry in perfection.

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Mubeen Sadhika 15 August 2009

You are one of the greatest poets in Poemhunter. You attract everymind. You have extraordinary ability to present each feeling in a unique form.

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Shashendra Amalshan 14 August 2009

Sarwar you are very creative and talented writer indeed.. You always provide the reader with something different....... Your one of those writer, who writes different kind of poems, , ... And you have your own unique style.... And you always keep the entertainment factor alive.. that is a good thing.. never a dull moment in your poems, extremely readable too best wishes shan

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p.a. noushad 06 January 2009

i love your poems, good

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