Giving Realization Of The Matter

Why people hurt people? Why we do hurt?

We do hurt people because, we get hurt.
We do hurt people because of; foolishness, selfishness, greediness,
Jealousness, enviousness, dis-contentedness, and evilness.

"Why we go on hurting each other, making each other cry,
Hurting each other apart, without even knowing why." (Carpenters Song)

We punished people because, we ourselves are hurting. We are hurting
So we strike back, as the cost of our pain or against the world or anyone
And we hurt them to get even.

We hurt people because, we covet. We punished people or control their
Behavior to what we wanted them to do for us. We are naturally selfish.

Our acidic words, full of bitterness and sarcasm are the source
Of our anger, sorrow, destruction and discontented selves.
We making web of destruction to the people we do not like or
The people who hurt us, creating situation to hurt people.

If we think to inflict others, the same form of harm will be fall on us.
Stop doing wrong. Stop allowing Satan to continue destroying us.
Get out the terrible cycle of this kind of destruction in our life.

Stop vengeance, stop torture and destruction, stop allowing
Satan to confront us. Stop allowing people to hurt us. We should
Stop the cycle of inflicting pain and receiving pain.

Stop being sensitive because, if we being too sensitive even the wind
Will hurt us. Because even people with nothing to do with us, we
Always gives a wrong interpretation. Stop allowing Satan to use us.

We need to start confronting with the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing him
To restore our selves. We need restoration to our soul and spirit.
Start healing, loving and forgiving. " We can do all things through
Christ who gives us strength". Philippians 4: 13. " Do not be overcome
By evil, but overcome evil with good ". Romans: 12: 21.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit of God, joy comes from within,
Not the approval of men, not from the praises of people but from approval
Of God. God is permanent. God is eternal. He owns everything,
He controls everything, even Satan himself.
No one can defeat God, no not one.

How to stop hurting people? By living with love, love for others, especially
Love for God. Practice doing good; put it to practice with action and truth.
"I tell you the truth, whatever you did to the list of my brothers/sisters of mine,
You did for me ‘. Matthew 5: 18. "Bear to each other, forgives as the
Lord forgives you ". Colossians: 3: 13

Our life on earth has numbered. Be sensible to our spirit, be gentle to our soul.
The soul is living in our body; it is our souls that face judgement of God.
The spirit is our senses, our feeling and emotion that connect to our soul.
We need to cooperate with God. We come to be partnership with God,
Just like the doctor to the patience, so that we get well.
And we end up all smiling.

God want us to have an abundant life, peaceful, joyful and productive life.
As we welcome the coming year 2019.
Let us celebrate our life with love and peace,
Hope and beauty of our existence.
May God pour out his spirit to all of us. Amen.

Inspired by: Pastor Ed Lapiz
© Jocelyn Sumido-Dunbar
27 December 2018
2: 06 PM