Glorious Men On Earth Poem by Rehab Helmy

Glorious Men On Earth

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My mind wonders:
' why don't I write about the most glorious men on earth? '
no perfect word can describe how great they are
great Prophets of God
Prophets of peace and humanity
we 'll always miss and need them
if only we could gather around them all now,
happily never after we 'll be
imagine yourself sitting here beside our great father Adam,
smiling to Joseph and his father Jacob
or hosting Abraham and Solomon
' poor soul, 'll they accept your invitation to this little house? ! '
' mind! don't even wonder '
' kindness and purity are nothing-
compared to how all the great Prophets were '
how about talking to the wise Prophet and king David
whom God gave wisdom and provided with a gentle voice?
on hearing it one may forget one's ownself,
one's hunger, thirsty and pain
'll I be the happiest soul on earth taking a walk with Jesus?
O God, now I am speechless
a great man and a glorious Prophet he was
one of your chosen and blessed Prophets
everyday I keep thinking of him and his great miracles
whenever I think of him, my love for him grows deeper
he is a special Prophet to me and I'm sure that-
he knows how I feel about him
how about praying with Prophet Mohammed?
the noble of nobility, the generous and the softhearted
the best man on earth he really is
he taught us how to love God and told us about
the life and morals of all the Prophets confirming their same message
thanks God, you are more kind to us even than our parents
you saved our souls by sending us your great teachers of humanity
I know them all by the name and love them all the same
but I don't want to forget anyone
Moses, Jonah, Noah, Aaron, Isaac, Salih, Shu'aib, Lot....
they have all the same message I know:
peace, love and worshiping God faithfully
I can't prevent my pen painting down my own feelings
O God, I beware witness that
they all delivered us your message frankly and clearly
thank them all for us, Lord
I know that there is no thanks 'll be enough beside
the hardships they suffered and the sacrifices they did
to make your message clear to us
truly they are the most Glorious Men on Earth

Alice Wedderburn 05 August 2008

awesome! i'm glad i saw this one... thanks for sharing.

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Ency Bearis 05 August 2008

wow...a nice tribute to those biblical persons...great... Ency Bearis

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