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In Memory Of A Great Teacher

I know not of a man better than him
a man of morals and purity
my best teacher and example in life
I love him more than myself

Jesus Loves You And Loves Us All

My best friend Julia,
I heard you tell others:
' Jesus Christ loves you '
yes, he loves us all

A Girl With A Broken Heart

once upon a time,
I was wandering in a beautiful garden
I saw a pretty girl sitting on the grass
she looked torn deep inside,

The Little Secret Rhyme Of My Heart

My heart leaps up and down whenever you look me in the eyes
my cheeks turn into red when you say: ' I love you'
my heart sways when you tell me: ' I wanna touch your hand '
I lose my mind when I see how much you wanna hold me in your arms

A Little Girl

one rainy day
I saw a little girl
sitting on my door step
with a wetted hair

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silver phoenix 31 July 2008

hey i like your poems in general.Ive been to your country, its great. Keep it up, Kilian

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