Go Ahead Though Poem by Julia Luber

Go Ahead Though

We have this code strictly amongst each other.
We are including you strictly because you can
write about it, let others know, Tell Our Story.
Be carried by us, be carried along by the power that
consumes us, possesses us. And in the end, we want
you be able to catch us, at least, catch up to us, catch us-
be intimidated by us; be cowered by us. Regard how merciless
and inhumane we are because: yes, we take that to mean-
Above being human and to us, that means to be like God!

To us- To Kill Means To Be Like God. That is all we know of God.
We do not see the sunshine nor the sunlight.
We do not see the mountains nor how they seem placed
there like a paintbrush would. We do not see the ocean nor know
its enveloping warmth, its holistic power, its complete masterminded
purity of its own nature. Yet, I hedge upon a point. Be with us-to understand
this need to feel like the Masterminds of our own nature. Know our egos in such
way in understanding We Kill To BeLike God: yes, at least submit to that
correct interpretation of our wills, even our disciplines, at least
our commitments to The Act. In fact, you flatter us. Do you not?
To think that you must be One Of Us, Bonded By WE to merely
write abut us. You compliment us. You sacrifice your will to ours
solely to understand us and tell the Truth about us.

If that is not composure, soul's sacrifice, and highest honor to our name
I can not imagine what is. So continue in being One Of Us: go ahead with
nominalizing WE throughout this poem. You are under our skin as much
as we are under yours. You are taking up our sun as much as we are taking
up yours. You have elected to be One Of Us, to understand us,
Simply to understand us because we have crossed your path.
Your road is very wide. We can not help it. We will continue
to cross your path. You have become One OF US because you
do not know how to feel above us. You have stretched your imagination
far beyond its comfort zone in venturing upon the slightest
fascination in us at all. And is it fascination at all? Is it?
I think it is strictly concern- concern for yourself.
You are driven by survival and you think that by understanding
us you might be able to avoid the affliction we prevail. I don't
know if you are enough of a Mastermind for that. Go ahead though.

Thursday, July 25, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: murder
What a VERY poetic murderer might say to me.
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