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And so recently, like let's say TODAY, I fell in love.
And this is a very big deal because…..so say it only lasts
for a week or two, or at minimum until tomorrow, to have
an emotion at this point, with what I've gone through lately-

For some time between, they live in flux.
Few words, strange gazes, actions either unseen
or far too rough…….
They cast upon each other reflections of themselves.

It almost feels like that one time you make a mistake, actually
exhausts all the perfection you so carefully masterminded before:
as if it all the trance in good and right existed only for a build up
for that one mistake to take more from you, to hurt more, to exploit

When I think of what it means to be alive and how
we have to fuss away the day with doing so many things
just to maintain our mere existence: life becomes just
a state of responsibility. Nothing really more.

All I have done otherwise today is worry and fret.
As for if there's any space in my mind and soul for good dreams yet.
I don't know what has confiscated me to this psychological debt.
But it is a trap I wish I could forget.

The earth was heavy, but the sun was light.
Through that which circled that the whole was bright.

Concealing no wonder what to the dark of night.

And now I am starting to make promises I can't keep.
I mean them at the moment, but there are hours to go before
tomorrow, and memories to fade in at prey to haunt me.
I think I want to do something that seems like the right thing.

I wish to God that I had been in a situation that I didn't have to know
anything about her at all. That I had never seen her again after she threw
my hand off her like that. That being why I was a danger to myself or another-
that I touched somebody suggestively when they did not want to be touched.

I have not written a poem in a long time, and I feel good.
Maybe we forget how hard it is sometimes to think and feel
so deeply and to express emotions and stretches of consciousness
to people who don't even know us. Or if only to ourselves.

Sometimes when you've tried really super hard, you've given it your
all and more than you ever thought was possible; sometimes-when
you've put that much into something and tried that hard and overcome
some of the most challenging complications that exist: sometimes if you

Not all trains of thought go somewhere.
Poetry is a Trust that an inceptive concept, even
maybe only a single word, can become something
that means something emotional or philosophical

There's no bottom. This is an eternal plunge into things
that you don't want to know and that you have no idea as to
what to do about. Oh, and there's a third thing: even if you do
the right thing-those who you need to rely on and work with

Today was hard. Very. At this point I am surprised I can do
anything but cry. Tear up. Poise a stiff upper lip. And all I can
say with any truth or sincerity is "At least it was my fault."

And in this war-zone, there is no instructive poem:
explaining what our human behavior should be like.
What our emotions and expressions should be modeled by.
We'll start with not to say things like 'kyke.' To start.

None shall ever know. Not even Them:
the ones who act so self assured. (with low scaled grunts
and lower hems and ahems.

Once these places are left-
One can't look back. As if one's head
had eyes behind their thighs and
Ears between their legs: As if the line:

Things exist only because they happen over and over again.
These habits start to imply as infinite that there is never an end.
And sole this measure absconded from what is otherwise unknown.
Shows face simply that it is a part of it.

They looked milk toasty and washed out -from that perspective,
in that proportioning to the hubbub of the day. Tacky and fake
from afar. I did not look closely. I did not see their exquisite brilliance.
And they are the most miraculous of the bunch. I came to the alter

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And so recently, like let's say TODAY, I fell in love.
And this is a very big deal because…..so say it only lasts
for a week or two, or at minimum until tomorrow, to have
an emotion at this point, with what I've gone through lately-
I fear I'd have to borrow.

So I'm borrowing this from you poets out there.
To feel love, to fall in love, to for once not really care:
not really care about the heart-break and friendship terrorist wound-
just to live in the now while I fall in love today, shall I croon.
And this is important. It's making me survive.

I have never been filled with so much hate as for the past decade
so much so at this point I am surprised I am even alive. So I fell
in love for today and we'll see where it goes. Shall I nod, shall I tip,
shall I bow, shall I pose? How long can I keep this dignity I'm feeling
so from you poets for today, it is being in love, that I'm stealing.

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Hearty welcome and wonderful to see your poems in Poem Hunter, dear Poetess Julia I look forward to reading your beautiful poems. God bless!

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Shaun Cronick 08 August 2019

Julia Luber when it comes to writing powerful prose is a tour de force. The real deal. this site would be pretty dull and mundane without Julia Luber. you want emotion and feelings from the heart something to make you think deep. Read a Julia Luber poem.

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Prabir Gayen 16 July 2019

Very beautiful poetess and a deep observer....a good critic to....love Julia...God bless you///

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Jane Campion 04 July 2019

Julia, has poetry by the throat. Every poem is a creation from a creative mind.

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Julia Luber 14 June 2019

I find listening to the automated versions of these very involving- they really enhance the factual logistic of the rhyme and beat. More so than the emotions, feelings, and philosophies- that's for sure.

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Julia Luber 30 May 2019

Dear Greeta, I have always enjoyed your poems. Especially the ones that are for the Indian gods and goddesses. I feel I have learned about Raeeka and a number of other ones. I hope you enjoy my poems- they are more cognitive and philosophical than spiritual. Of the three I have posted, probably Territorial Guilt is the best. I enjoy your uplifting transcendental celebratory poems a lot!

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