God Is Staying Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

God Is Staying

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We shall insist
But poverty may exist
So long humanity survives
And mankind thrives

Nature has plenty
As blessed by almighty
Yet it is good luck
Or bad luck is struck

There is old legend saying
In poor 'God is staying'
Never show exist door
If by chance he lives as neighbor

We are here for short stay
To struggle for peaceful way
Stay as peaceful as possible
Live happily and create no trouble

Do not feel about poverty condition
That is phase in transition
It may change with hard labor
You may lead rest of life with honor


We shall insist But poverty may exist

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I appreciate your outlook. Kendon Hoover18 minutes ago I like this poem. It's very positive and I highly appreciate your outlook on how people should live their lives. I don't necessarily believe in God, but I will tip my hat to you sir. You have my respect.

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fabulous Lilly Emery 3 minutes ago Very good writing Comment +1

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Keshav Kumar VERY NICE LINES SIR 2 hrs · Unlike · 1 Hasmukh Mehta

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Scott Ransopher likes this. Scott Ransopher Another good poem Hasmukh! 6 hrs · Unlike · 1

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welcome Meesha Ramrakhyani, JaiRam Tiwari Just now · Unlike · 1

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I love it Kamran Minder19 minutes ago amazing Comment +1

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