God, It Hurts Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

God, It Hurts

God it hurts, it’s like a knife through my heart.
It pains, its sore,
Please come take me out,
I cannot do this, I will not survive
Its hard Lord It’s hard,

I am not Jesus; I cannot take this cup,
Please remove it, it feels like it will not stop,
I cannot drink it, its bitter in my mouth
Give me strength to take this on and remove all my doubt,

What is the purpose of this in my life?
Why do I need to go through it?
What will I learn?
Give me a different test Lord;
I really cannot do this one,
Remove me from here I cannot bear it,

I cannot do this every day,
I cannot Lord, I cannot,
I don’t have the strength, the will power
The ability to fake it, I cannot Lord,

I can’t handle seeing, speaking to him,
Lord my heart is soft it’s weak,
I know we cannot be, but dad he is what I want
I am pouring my heart to you,

Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
I cannot hear you,
Tell me what to do, what to say

This is just not normal life
Is it form Satan, to tempt me and bring me strife
What does he gain?
Will this build my character Lord,
Give me perseverance,
Give me hope,

Let me let him go, fill me again with you Lord,
Let me be consumed by you,
Burn in me, passion for you again,
Remove my fleshly desires, my sin my evil thoughts

Wash me clean, make me whole,
I am torn,
I lie on a floor
With my bruised heart in my hand,
Dad, I willingly let him stomp on me….

So if you will for this to be my cup
I will drink it, Lord, until you say it stops! ! !

Nkululeko Mdudu 13 March 2009

the thing we want most, is the hardest thing to bear when we are deprived of it. its a sort of selfish need for satisfaction, nothing wrong with that, besides we can't always control what we want, it is then a tragedy when we cannot have it.

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