Stupidity And A Crush Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

Stupidity And A Crush

I stand in tears
I have so many fears
Rejection from you is one of them
So I am locking up this secret crush

Surprisingly, you actually know
Yet you pretend, you know and you lie
You were using me all this time
I should have known not to mix my business and pleasure! !

You even told me that
Was I blind?
Why didn’t I see that I was being used?
How could I jump at your every wimp? ?

I know that when I love, I LOVE
I give all of me, hold nothing back
But you, you are so closed off! !
You manipulate me, I can’t believe it

I am only seeing it now… NOW
A little too late,12 months too late
Don’t flirt with me, don’t call me,
And when I am at my worst, don’t try to chat me up

Please know what you are doing
Is hurting me, I cant do it no more,
I will not apologise, for this
It was my fault I was stupid

I still am a little stupid
But I can recover from this
I will not let you still control my heart
I just can’t believe YOUR actions

I really didn’t know you…….


I have been there a few times back in my days.. I can relate to this poem.. This is a great poem.. Thank you for sharing... Krista

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