Three Lilies Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

Three Lilies

(To my sisters - my treasured lilies)

Three little lilies were the best of friends,
They grew up in garden surrounded by love

Twenty five years down the line,
the oldest lily thought it was time

Time for her to leave
It was her season to grow in a different garden in a different home

The other lilies greaved
They felt abandoned and all alone

They knew it was the natural progression in life
But could not understand and mend the hole inside

The oldest lily felt it too
but put on a brave face to help them through

Life was sad, life was hard
the oldest lily was ohhh soo far

Holidays came and she felt all alone,
She hoped and prayed to go back home

The Lord heard her prayers and granted her desire
Once again she was united and her heart was a blazing fire

Her smile returned and her heart was warm
She looked above and thanked the Lord

The week came and the week went
It was time for her to return

The memories like treasures in a jar
she held them in her heart
to puill them out when the lilies were far apart! !

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