A Fathers Heart Poem by Melissa Desiree Reddy

A Fathers Heart

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So I sat on my bed
And the thoughts flooded my head
I wondered what I did wrong
That the boy I loved would not love me back....

Dad came in and sat beside me
Tears streaming down my face
I told him my story of rejection
Dad, its makes no sense

He pulled me in his arms
Held me close to his chest
and said 'my love, you are beautiful'
his voice the sweetest i have ever heard
reassuring, comforting, and I was secure

All in one moment I knew I was loved not on merrit
but by grace
By my father's word's i was restored
Made whole in 5 words and 1 action

Its a memory I shall never forget,
A memory that is living
everytime i feel crushed by this world
I think about my DAD and how he defined me that day,

Looking my worst, mascarra running down my cheeks,
My Dad's voice strengthed me, I knew I was loved! !
Thank you Dad, you are my hero, my best friend, my everything.
Thank you that you never left me alone! !


a lovely piece from the heart...dad's are daughters darlings

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Ency Bearis 03 December 2008

great write deeply from your emotion well expressed..a great comfort from loving Dad..well penned..A10 Ency Bearis

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Jerry Hughes 03 December 2008

Mel, I'm sure you dad appreciated the senitments of this well written poem. Well done, Jerry

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Scott Austin 03 December 2008

Your heart felt feelings of love for your father is expressed in your words, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. May peace and joy fill your heart each and everyday. Scott

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