God Needed A Gardener Poem by Christopher Schlosser

God Needed A Gardener

God searched all the world for a gardener
Someone to add love and caring and pride to his garden
His garden lacked just this.
He followed and watched all who walked the earth.
Destined to find the perfect match.
He found many who fit his scriptures.
But they would have left work here undone.
God didn’t want to pick just anyone.
For he didn’t want to regret it down the road.
He passed up those who were still fresh in life.
But looked deeper at one particular individual.
What he found was lil’ old Grandpa.
Patiently waiting for his time.
God saw he was tired and struggling to hold on.
He looked into Grandpa with enduring passion.
He saw all the love he put into his own family and garden.
He decided this was the perfect choice for him
And that there could be no other.
God called down to this man’s soul
And brought him to a better home.
Where peace is everyday and worry doesn’t exist.
I look up to heaven now and see it glow in my mind
Even more beautiful now that Grandpa’s there.
I can only imagine how beautiful his garden grows now.
Grandpa went to a better place.
Where he was needed more.
God couldn’t have done better to find the perfect gardener.

~Christopher Schlosser~

Written for one of my dear grandpas who recently passed away. He was Loved and will be missed

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