Francis Duggan

God On Their Side - Poem by Francis Duggan

Some say that after death the soul in the body does not dwell
The good souls go to heaven and the bad souls go to hell
And others believe in our deaths our souls die
What is true to some others see as a lie.

Of an after life none has yet returned to tell
Though religion as such is alive and well
And many people convinced that their God is right
For their religious beliefs are even prepared to fight.

Some people for their God are prepared to die or kill
Since the fear of God into them their mentors do instill
And of any hope of salvation for me now too late
Since I am a fellow who is without faith

In the existence of a hereafter or a belief in a God
In whose name people are victimized and downtrod
I am just stating facts I am not casting blame
When I say far too many wars have been fought in God's name.

The religious fundimentalists feel they have a right to rule
And in their God's name they can be very cruel
And because of them and their kind far too many have died
But then they believe they have God on their side.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, April 8, 2008

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